Singlebrook is now the majority owner of Peerfocus, a software platform for sophisticated surveys, data collection, and confidential benchmarking.
Singlebrook has been named a Best For The World honoree in recognition of their relationship with their workforce and the significant positive impact they’ve created over the last year.
A little war story about debugging an Adjacency List. Deleting trees with cascade deletion. Visualizing the trees with graphviz.
Making an older site mobile-friendly, touch-friendly, and better looking!
Familiarize yourself with our development process
The process of moving a six-year old app from traditional VMs to AWS and Heroku
Using IN is convenient, but can easily slow down your queries. Here's how to get around it!
Even legacy services (those launched via /etc/init.d scripts) can be automatically restarted!
Helpful tools for maintaining Ruby projects
The ability to quickly and easily apply security upgrades as they are released is essential in the hostile environment of the internet. Keeping software dependencies up-to-date makes security patching easy.
Part 3/3 of our maintainable software series.
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