The Interview

Summary from FingerLakes1:

As negotiations over the state budget intensify, over 300 businesses and business organizations across New York have joined the New York Business for a Fair Minimum Wage coalition calling on Gov. Hochul and the State Legislature to incrementally raise the minimum wage to $21.25, followed by annual indexing to keep up with the cost of living, as proposed in the Raise the Wage Act.

Supporters include business leaders across the state from Buffalo and the Finger Lakes to the Capital Region and the Hudson Valley to New York City and the Long Island African American Chamber of Commerce.

This week we caught up with Ithaca business owner Leon Miller-Out, who says raising minimum wage is the right thing to do. The proposal would bring minimum wage up to $16 on Jan. 1, 2024; $18 in 2025; $20 in 2026; and $21.25 plus indexing starting in 2027. ``