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Singlebrook is committed to the long-term success of our clients and their software.
Our work is driven by our core values:
Craftsmanship, Openness, Delight, and Empathy.

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Case studies


Fast response, friendly and approachable team, never made me feel dumb for not knowing technical language, always either under budget or flagged well in advance if something was going to be over (and then that only occurred when I hadn’t spec'ed something out right up front)

Customer December 2019

Always easy to work with and providing assistance when needed.

Dan F. August 2019

Always reliable, always careful, always done right.

Customer August 2019

Quality service and you have kept our needs at the forefront. Have used appropriate cost considerations for us. In addition, you have given fast and accurate responses to needs; even when it was us who dropped the ball or otherwise messed up.

Geoff W. July 2019

Singlebrook took an application that was created by another company that did not work and made it a really useful and helpful application. With the help of Shane, we are continually making improvements and additions. We receive a quick response if we ever run into issues. The service and assistance we receive from your company is a complete 180 from what we received at our previous vendor. Thank you and great job!

Customer July 2019

Built a great site for Social(k)!

Rob T. July 2019