Rails app with React UI for Meal-kit Subscription Service
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Green Fork NY is a regional meal kit subscription service with a focus on local, seasonal, and healthy ingredients sourced from the Finger Lakes region in Upstate New York. Green Fork approached Singlebrook to maintain a custom Rails application and expand and improve it over time as the business scales. The application is designed to help manage business logistics and make operations as efficient as possible.


After the initial development and launch by our local developer friends at Think Topography, Singlebrook took over the project with the mission to maintain it in a phase of customer growth. After some initial investment improving the test suite, the project has settled into a low-intensity maintenance phase. Development has been focused on customer operations like subscription and order management. A continuing challenge has been keeping a large number of software dependencies updated to ensure the security and reliability of the application.


Green Fork NY’s application is built with React on the frontend. React is a popular User Interface library written in JavaScript. The backend is built in Rails and uses a Postgres database, and we’re using AWS for hosting. E-commerce for the site, including recurring credit card payments, is powered by payment gateway Braintree.