Loudsauce is a crowd funding platform that takes a different approach than other crowd funding platforms like Kickstarter, which funds creative projects. Loudsauce amplifies the message of organizations and causes through mainstream advertising campaigns, bringing the message to a much wider audience. Loudsauce’s vision is, “to transform the medium of advertising from one that primarily drives consumption to one of civic participation”.
At the 2011 B Corp Champions conference, Mal Warwick, Director of One World Futbol, participated in the Champions working group where it was decided that a letter from the B Community was needed to engage with the Occupy Wall Street movement. The purpose of the letter is to demonstrate that B Corps are better businesses that are a compelling alternative to the status quo and can be looked to as part of the solution to the economic injustice that the Occupy Wall Street movement seeks to address. The letter can be used by all the businesses in the B Corp community.