Styleguide Driven Development in Drupal

At Singlebrook, we're using Styleguide Driven Development to create efficiency and strengthen code quality.

Jeff Amaral led a session at Cornell Drupal Camp 2015 on the topic of Styleguide Driven Development. He has shared his slides here as a downloadable PDF: "Singlebrook Styleguide Driven Development in Drupal"

The slides contain an outline of major points to consider when using Styleguide Driven Development, as well as some links to helpful resources. 


Theming in Drupal has many challenges. The biggest, in our experience at Singlebrook, is coordinating the creation of new site functionality and the CSS styling of the new markup, especially when multiple developers are working on a site.

In this session, we discuss our brand new theming process using CSS/HTML components, some extensions to the styleguide module, and improved developer/themer communication. We cover:

  • How to style first and build functionality later. 
  • How to include a living styleguide, complete with your custom style components, on your site for review by your client.
  • How to bend Drupal’s default markup to your will, using theme overrides, preprocess functions, and other techniques.
  • Some emerging ideas on CSS organization and techniques to avoid the bad kinds of style cascades.


Feel free to add your thoughts and share your experience using this approach to Drupal development in the comments section!