Secure Loan Covenant Compliance
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Singlebrook helped design and build a sophisticated, interactive web questionnaire and reporting application that is an integral part of our SaaS product offering. Singlebrook has also acted as our CIO, helping us deal with the myriad issues involved with establishing and managing an SaaS product. With the application’s scalability, we expect that our sales will continue to increase. We highly recommend Singlebrook for your web technology needs.

Jeff Wallace, Cofounder, Debt Compliance Services, LLC


For Debt Compliance Services LLC, Singlebrook has created a simple way for corporate clients to assess their compliance with covenants in loan agreements. By bringing this traditionally paper, unautomated offline process onto the web, we have been able to provide a collaborative workspace for organizations to not only manage better their compliance processes, but also to gain access to best practices developed by founders Jeff Wallace and Jim Simpson.


For this project, Singlebrook has crafted a comprehensive web application that handles all aspects of the debt compliance process. Due to the sensitive nature of the financial data, we have focused on the security needs of this application foremost. Atop this solid foundation, we provide the means for organizations to distribute questionnaires to their “subject matter experts” for covenants that relate to legal, treasury, accounting, intellectual property, insurance, taxes, material contracts, liens, sales of assets, and other matters.


The Debt Compliance Services LLC survey application consists of a Ruby on Rails stack, served through Nginx from a Rackspace virtual cloud server. This application interfaces with Microsoft Access databases, allowing for mass imports of data, and with a separate MediaWiki site that cross links the many references to different covenants, thereby ameliorating the reading of complex loan agreements. Perhaps the most essential feature the application offers is robust reporting, enabling managers in charge of ensuring compliance to delegate responsibilities to other members of their organization and monitor individual progress, review collated responses, and many other possibilities.