Job types


We are skilled at finding the most effective way to work with your budget. Our projects are typically done on an hourly basis. An hourly approach lends itself well to an agile process and provides the maximum flexibility for the client.

Keep in mind that estimates for hourly jobs are just that: estimates. As you work with the agile process and add, change, or delete user stories, your budget and timeline will shift accordingly.

Status reports with detailed budget and timeline information are available to you upon request. You can also collaborate with us using Pivotal Tracker. (More information about Pivotal Tracker is found in the "Tracker" section of this guide.) You will receive invoices every two weeks with time tickets listed under their corresponding user stories from Pivotal Tracker.


From our experience, we have found that the best way to start a project is by identifying as much information as possible, so you can make smart decisions early that might affect other parts of the project later on. You also need this information to get a sense of how much effort will be required to create the system. This in turn helps determine the cost. A discovery phase is helpful when an estimate is required for the overall project and/or various phases of the project.


We do have a retainer option available as well. For more information on our retainer program, visit our FAQ's or ask your lead developer or another member of our team.