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Our Story

Singlebrook was founded in 2006 by Elisa and Leon Miller-Out. We have grown from our humble, home-office beginning into a strong team serving clients in our own city of Ithaca, upstate New York, and around the world.

Our commitment to building and maintaining great web apps for our clients leads to long-term relationships. We've been working with some of our clients since 1999!

We are guided by our core values and our mantra of "Code with Love!" Singlebrook is a NY state-certified woman-owned business and benefit corporation. We're also a certified B Corp since 2009 .

Who We Are

Jessica Brown

Customer Experience Manager for Peerfocus

Data adventurer, research designer, dance artist, costume creator, indoor gardener

Shane Cavanaugh

Senior Developer

Systems thinker, nature lover, web wanderer, all-around human being

Tim DeMoss

Staff Developer

Builder, husband, jazz pianist, grandpa, nature boy, Spanish-learner, restaurant lover

Chris Evans

Staff Developer

Tinkerer, be it code, computers, cars or everything in-between

Isaiah Fischer

Senior Developer

ColdFusion Connoisseur, Woodworking Wizard, Practicing Poet, Warning: Contains Nerd

Elisa Miller-Out

Co-founder / CFO

Entrepreneur, investor, community builder, mom, CrossFitter.

Leon Miller-Out

Co-founder / CEO

Tech guru, sauna builder, hiker, dad, guitarist, gamer, live music fan.

Rayna Taylor

Customer Service and Research Data Asst.

UX research enthusiast, graphic designer, roller coaster and theme park lover, grammar police (sometimes).


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