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Impact Programs

A brief history of Singlebrook's special programs

Singlebrook TechSpring

Singlebrook TechSpring, our 2011 social entrepreneurship support program, brought together resources from many tech service providers to help an entrepreneur from the Unreasonable Institute achieve their vision.

Green Jobs Award Sponsorship

Singlebrook sponsored the 2010 Green Jobs Awards as a service partner by donating 10 free hours of programming to a Green Jobs Award winner. The Green Jobs Awards honored 10 leading green jobs creators from around the country. A range of industries was represented, from renewable energy and energy efficiency to consumer products and engineering. This was a great opportunity for us to sponsor a company making a positive environmental and social impact from a technology perspective.

Sustainable Mobile App Program

Our first impact program was the Sustainable Mobile App Contest. Organizations representing 17 cities and 9 states entered the contest. There were many brilliant and inspiring ideas - all of which would make a great positive impact in the world! The winner, Forum for the Future, received 50 free hours of programming for the creation of a custom mobile web application. Look for the "Green Futures Inspire" app by going to http://www.forumforthefuture.org/greenfutures/inspire on your smart phone!