Open Source Volunteer Day at Singlebrook

OssLast weekend, the Singlebrook team gathered to host an Open Source Volunteer Day. 

We invited Drupal and Rails developers from the Ithaca area, and a few good people showed up to join us for a fun, productive Saturday of coding (and pizza)! 

The Drupal team spent some time getting the newest D8 beta installed locally, as well as working with Acquia to get a public site up to demo their work. 

This Drupal 8 Configuration Cheat Sheet helped:

We used Slack, a messaging app, so our distributed team members could participate. This was a great tool for collaborating and Q&A while coding!

Here are some highlights and project updates from our OSS Volunteer Day Slack channel:

Aaron Wolfe, Technical Director Drupal Development: "Porting to Drupal 8." Captcha Riddler is a sub module of Captcha that lets site administrators create their own questions to foil automated spam bots.

Dustin LeBlanc, CMS Team Leader: "I'm working on a robo-sass package to contribute so we don't have to install grunt for php projects." Drush CommandStack for Robo Task Runner.

Leon Miller-Out, CTO and Rails Developer: "I released a new version of UTF8Cleaner!" UTF8Cleaner is our Rack middleware that removes invalid UTF-8 characters from the environment so that your app doesn't choke on them. This prevents errors like "invalid byte sequence in UTF-8".

Leon Miller-Out: "My kids are drawing planets with CSS on Code Academy. It’s pretty rad."

Alex Bea, Front-End Developer: "I’m poking at some Bootstrap 4 outstanding to-do's. Right now exploring how to target all labels of disabled inputs for styling. They have a nice list of outstanding stuff."

Brian Harrington, Creative Director: "Watching some videos about writing styles the React way and standing by to help with any CSS / design questions."

Lenny Sirivong: "Took most of the day, but I got my pull request up!" Maintain classification positions on association collection removal.

Darrell Ulm, Drupal Developer: "My module is large-ish, it's going to take a while, but I see the light at the end of the tunnel. I hope to finish up Google Books over the next few months, realistically." The Google Books module is a filter module and an API for Google Books, that allows a user to insert rich Google book data into nodes via filters with data retrieved from the domain.

Isaiah Fischer, Senior Web Developer: "Worked on a JS node package, fleshing out the test suite for Angular Directive to Paginate Anything. It’s still a work in progress.” Add server-side pagination to any list or table on the page. This directive connects a variable of your choice on the local scope with data provied on a given URL. It provides a pagination user interface that triggers updates to the variable through paginated AJAX requests. Pagination is a distinct concern and should be handled separately from other app logic. Do it right, do it in one place. Paginate anything!

Jared Beck, Senior Web Developer: "Spent some time showing a couple developers who were new to Rails around my OSS projects. And merged a pull request for airblade/paper_trail." This refactoring encapsulates the process of reification, separating it from the model (VersionConcern). The ABC complexity score of VersionConcern (measured by flog) is reduced from 750 to 362, a 52% reduction. Finally, this refactoring provides a truely private namespace for methods like reify_has_many_through. Such methods will no longer be mixed into PaperTrail::Version, or end-user's version models, if any.


What open source software projects are you working on?