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Technology for Change: Daily Feats

What good have you done today? DailyFeats can reward you for it! DailyFeats is a website that encourages members to partake in positive, meaningful actions that will help them reach their individual goals. In fact, the company’s mission centers completely on “doing good” through significant actions - or “feats”- that reflect users’ values. Since the creation of DailyFeats in 2010, members have tallied over 75,000 feats.

DailyFeats utilizes three tools to connect its members: feats, props and rewards. As mentioned above, feats are actions that encourage healthier and more positive lifestyles. Props are instances of support from other people using DailyFeats who are pursuing the same goals. Lastly, rewards are gifts that help keep members motivated to continue their feats. Feats earn points, which are then redeemed for rewards such as gift cards to Best Buy, Amazon.com and Starbucks.

The financing for DailyFeats comes from various partners, who pay the organization for “the opportunity to align their brand with positive actions.” Companies featured all around the site proudly display their support for DailyFeats’ goal of helping people live better. They can even further distinguish themselves by backing specific feats that best relate to their organization’s mission and values.

DailyFeats demonstrates a prime example of using technology to promote positive change, as clearly indicated in the company’s mission statement: “to spur positive actions in people -- and we plan to do this to a scale whereby as many people as possible reach the maximum potential of their day, every day.” Help yourself and simultaneously support others by joining the DailyFeats community!

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