2010 Sustainable Mobile App Program

The first initiative of the Technology for Change campaign was the Sustainable Mobile App Program Contest. Organizations representing 17 cities and 9 states entered the contest. There were many brilliant and inspiring ideas – all of which would make a great positive impact in the world! The winner, Forum for the Future, received 50 free hours of programming for the creation of a custom Mobile application.

Forum for the Future is a London-based non-profit with offices in New York City and the publisher of “Green Futures Magazine.” They work with business leaders and the public sector to help re-engineer their operations, and change attitudes among their employees and customers to create a more sustainable future.

The "Green Futures Inspire" app will reach thousands of sustainability professionals and give them regular updates about new solutions in their field that will help them improve their performance. For example, a solar panel manufacturer might learn about the availability of a new part that will make their panels more efficient and save their customers money. The app will get inspirational and practical solutions into the hands of people that are making a difference in the world. We believe the app will make a huge impact!