Getting Twiggy With It

by Dustin LeBlanc

My last article Modernize Your Drupal Theme tackled adding some modern touches to your legacy Drupal themes such as SCSS and Compass. With Drupal 8 on the horizon, Drupal theming is changing in some substantial ways. I'd like to take a look over the course of a few posts at the process of converting a current Drupal 7 theme to work with Drupal 8.

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Tech for Change: Leo Bonanni, Sourcemap

Singlebrook talks with Sourcemap CEO and Founder Leo Bonanni about his social network for supply chain visibility. His crowdsourced platform is mapping global supply chains, allowing companies to measure their global impacts and become more...

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Food, Fun and Frugal Glass: Our Visit to SXSW

By Elisa Miller-Out

This spring, our Director of Business Development, Jo Opot and I attended SXSW Edu and SXSW Interactive in Austin. Here are some of the highlights of our trip.

  • The best part of SXSW by far is the community and the opportunity...

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Tech for Change: Drupal for Job Seekers Workshop

One way that we live our mission of Tech for Change at Singlebrook is through company-sponsored volunteer time for employees to give back to the communities we serve. A recent T4C initiative was a free workshop called "Drupal for Job Seekers"...

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Simplify your JavaScript with Underscore.js

by Gennie Harris

Underscore.js, as described on their website, is "a utility-belt library for JavaScript that provides a lot of the functional programming support that you would expect in Prototype.js (or Ruby), but without extending any of the...

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ReBusiness Chamber Challenge Winners Recognized

Singlebrook was named the ReBusiness Chamber Challenge winner! Watch the award acceptance video, courtesy of Moving Box Studios, and check out the press release below!

(Ithaca, NY) – Two Ithaca-based businesses have been recognized by the Chamber...

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9 Expert Tips on Higher Ed Crowdfunding

An increasing number of universities and colleges are using crowdfunding platforms to raise donations for everything from their annual fund to student entrepreneurs. However, there is little data, examples, or shared wisdom on how to implement a successful university crowdfunding platform. To address this challenge, we interviewed Freeman White, CEO of Launcht, a white-label crowdfunding platform provider that has supported 15 Higher Ed institutions.

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