Technology For Change (T4C) Campaign

What happens when passionate social entrepreneurs with world-changing ideas collide with explosive new technology innovations? We’re calling this movement Technology for Change (T4C)!

Our mission is to seek out and spotlight entrepreneurs and organizations that are using technology in unique ways to scale their ideas and create a massive impact. Our hope is that others will find these stories captivating and inspiring and will build more great campaigns and organizations on the foundation that these entrepreneurs are laying. We’re using technology to create an interactive movement around these stories.

Share your stories of T4C or other inspirational resources and tips on Twitter (@Singlebrook) using #Tech4Change and on the T4C Facebook group, or contact us to be spotlighted in an upcoming feature interview or blog article!

At Singlebrook, we are also creating our own high impact T4C projects, such as TechSpring, the Sustainable iPhone App Contest and more. We hope you will join the T4C movement!

Twitter Hashtag #Tech4Change

This initiative of the campaign is geared toward opening up the conversation around Technology for Change. Using the Twitter hashtag #Tech4Change while tweeting about Technology for Change is a great way for anyone to spotlight successes and inspirations that they are involved with or witness happening around them every day. The hashtag allows people to easily search for, keep track of, and add to the Technology for Change conversation on Twitter. Any tweets that use the hashtag will automatically get retweeted to Singlebrook's following, so it's also a way to promote your T4C stories.

Singlebrook T4C Facebook Group

We would like to invite you to join and contribute to the Singlebrook Technology for Change (T4C) Group on Facebook. This is an open-membership group.

Blog Spotlighting

An ongoing initiative of the Technology for Change campaign is our blog, which spotlights instances where social entrepreneurs are doing exciting things using Technology for Change. Stay up to date on these inspirational spotlights by subscribing to our RSS feed using the link at the bottom of our site.