What Are My Responsibilities in Tracker?

As a client, your responsibilities in Tracker are:

  • Clicking the Accept or Reject buttons on stories we've finished after you've tested the feature in question. The rest of the buttons (Start, Finish, Deliver, Restart) are for developer use only.
  • Filing bug reports. If you find a bug in functionality that has already been Accepted, please create a new Bug story and put it in the Backlog. If you find a bug in a story you're testing, please Reject the story and add the bug as a comment. For all bugs, please include as much detail as you can about what you were doing at the time so that we can easily reproduce the problem.
  • Responding to questions we ask. If we post a comment with a question for you on it, please reply to the email. Tracker will attach your response to the story in question and will notify anyone who's working on that story.