Technology for Change: Purpose

James Slezak

Singlebrook CEO, Elisa Miller-Out, interviewed James Slezak, Partner at Purpose, at this year's Social Venture Network (SVN) Annual Gathering. Purpose is a social change agency and a group of social movement entrepreneurs. We create new movements of people using online tools and techniques as a vehicle for participants to take action in the real world. We’ve been involved in building a number of social change movements on a range of different issues--sustainability, human rights, gay and lesbian rights, and, in particular, the new economy. There’s a whole slate of campaigns we’re working on. Some are with existing organizations, and some we’ve created ourselves.

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Technology for Change: Indigenous' Trace Tool

Singlebrook CEO, Elisa Miller-Out interviewed Indigenous Co-founders, Matt Reynolds and Scott Leonard about Indigenous' Trace Tool at this year's Social Venture Network (SVN) Annual Gathering. 

Watch the interview in the video below:

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New to Rails? Tracking Down Free-Floating Methods

By Jeffrey Konowitch

I was quite confused when I saw lines like this in controllers that I was working on:

class SessionController < ApplicationController
  def create
    user = User.find_by_email(params[:session][:email])
    password = params[:session][:password]
    if user && user.authenticate(password)
      sign_in user
      redirect_to user
      redirect_to sign_in_path

Sign in user? Is it that easy? Do I just type what I want in plain text and the computer will know what I’m talking about? Well, no, of course not...but as someone new to the system, these sorts of conventions can be really confusing.

If you find yourself in this position, then you are probably coming from another language where class inheritance worked differently from Ruby. 

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Center for Transformative Action: Finger Lakes Social Entrepreneurship Institute

Singlebrook is proud to sponsor this event, and Singlebrook CEO Elisa Miller-Out will be speaking on the B Corp panel!

From Center for Transformative Action:

The Center for Transformative Action is thrilled to announce the first annual “Finger Lakes Social Entrepreneurship Institute” to be held at Cornell University from Thursday, September 13 to Saturday, September 15, 2012.

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Tech Women Changing the World at Techweek

Don't miss the Tech Women Changing the World panel at Techweek on Friday, June 22 from 1-1:45pm at the Second Stage!


What happens when world-changing social impact projects collide with explosive, new, game-changing technologies? Our panel will explore the intersection of technology and social change. Women have been leaders in the non-profit and social enterprise world for many years. Now we’re combining our drive to make a difference in the world with social, video, web, mobile and gaming technologies that allow us to scale our impact and create massive change. Our panelists make educational gaming products that save lives, create portable cause campaign microsites that get astronomical levels of engagement, and help build global communication networks that give a voice to women all over the world. Come join us and discover inspiring new ways to use Technology for Change!

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Call2Action Sparks for Increased Campaign Conversion Rates & Impressions

C2 A

The Call2Action Spark is a multi-media toolkit used to market campaigns leveraging video, action tools and social media. A recent case study talks about Chrysler's work with New Media Strategies on their "Letters for Lyrics" campaign. This campaign utilized the Spark, below, to enable supporters to write letters to U.S. active duty soldiers, while partnering with the Zac Brown Band and promoting their new line of Ram trucks. 


The Spark provided an online component that garnered 58% of all digital letters! To date, over 8500 letters have been collected.

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WhatCanI.Do Mobile Web App for Non-profit Donations

Work ExampleSinglebrook launched the first product to come out of our product incubator program, Singlebrook Lab, in April at the Non-profit Technology Conference (NTC). WhatCanI.Do is currently in free public beta!

WhatCanI.Do, is a mobile web app that allows non-profit organizations to quickly and easily set up a custom-branded, mobile-optimized donation site. We are utilizing the “Lean” methodology throughout the development process for WhatCanI.Do, and taking a crowdsourced approach to gathering data about what features to include in the app.

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