Technology for Change: eRecycling Corps

eRecycling Corps envisions a “wireless device ecosystem” that relies on three parts: rewarding, renewing and reusing. Their aim is to lower the number of wireless devices that are sitting, unused, in American homes or being thrown away in...

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Call2Action Benefit Corporation Spark

A big victory for sustainable business is being celebrated on February 10th as leaders of the benefit corporation movement gather in NYC to file changes to their corporate structures under new New York State legislation. A benefit corporation is a...

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Coffee for Your Thoughts?

Friday, 2/10 from 2:30 - 4 pm at State St. Gimme! Coffee. 

Singlebrook will be conducting a series of 20-minute meetings with local nonprofit organizations in the coming weeks, and we would love to sit down, buy you a cup of coffee and get...

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