NY Law Creates New Kind of Corporation

B Lab Red Re-posted from B Lab's email sent 12/13/11. Singlebrook is happy to provide a comment on this exciting new law! 

Congratulations to all. An early holiday present from the State of New York and another big milestone for our community. Happy holidays everyone!

For Immediate Release:

December 13, 2011

CONTACT: Erik Trojian or Andrew Greenblatt at B Lab - (212) 608-4150; erik@bcorporation.net; agreenblatt@bcorporation.net

NY Law Creates New Kind of Corporation, Spurs Investment to Create High Quality Jobs and Uses Business to Solve Social Problems; State Legislators from Wall Street Sponsored the Bill

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Video Recap of Our B Corp Event

This past June we co-hosted a public event with our friends and fellow B Corp, Comet Skateboards and members of the B Lab staff. Photos from the event are available on Facebook. It was a gathering to learn about the B Corporation movement. 


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Envisioning Every Business Being a Social Business

Another great Axiom News article on Singlebrook co-founder & CEO, Elisa Miller-Out (a photo of Elisa & team as shown on the Axiom home page is also included here). Article originally posted here.

Envisioning Every Business Being a Social Business

It's a hopeful time as social business movement builds momentum, says CEO

Axiom News, Tuesday, November 29, 2011.

by Jennifer Neutel

Elisa Horizontal Blog

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Technology for Change: Levi’s “Go Forth” Facebook App

Levis4 0

Levi’s Jeans is an example of a well-established, extremely recognizable American brand that is using their marketing efforts to do some good. The Levi’s brand, “epitomizes classic American style and effortless cool.” We think their use of T4C is really cool!

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ConvergeUS Gathering

By Elisa Miller-Out

I recently attended the inaugural ConvergeUS Gathering in Sausalito, CA. The entire conference was a great example of T4C (Technology for Change), so I was very excited to have the opportunity to participate. ConvergeUS was...

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Technology for Change: Loudsauce

Loudsauce Ows Ad Loudsauce is a crowd funding platform that takes a different approach than other crowd funding platforms like Kickstarter, which funds creative projects. Loudsauce amplifies the message of organizations and causes through mainstream advertising campaigns, bringing the message to a much wider audience. Loudsauce’s vision is, “to transform the medium of advertising from one that primarily drives consumption to one of civic participation”.

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Blogs by B Corps: OWS - Support a Better Way to do Business

At the 2011 B Corp Champions conference, Mal Warwick, Director of One World Futbol, participated in the Champions working group where it was decided that a letter from the B Community was needed to engage with the Occupy Wall Street movement. The purpose of the letter is to demonstrate that B Corps are better businesses that are a compelling alternative to the status quo and can be looked to as part of the solution to the economic injustice that the Occupy Wall Street movement seeks to address. The letter can be used by all the businesses in the B Corp community.

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