Virgin BroadBand2Go USB Modem Connectivity -- Solved

I couldn't connect to my data network through the Virgin BroadBand2Go software that came with my USB modem. It would just connect then immediately disconnect from the network. No explanation. Hardly anyone else seems to have that problem, for some reason. Checking my console, I would see the following errors:

com.novatelwireless.mobilink3[641] /Users/sweng/Perforce/NovaCore/Main/CAPI/core/build/mac/../../../connection_mac/SystemConfigurationCommon.c:717: failed assertion `(errorResult != noErr) || (servicesDict == NULL) || (*serviceOrder == NULL) || (CFDictionaryGetCount(*servicesDict) == CFArrayGetCount(*serviceOrder))'

[0x0-0x1b01b].com.novatelwireless.mobilink3[390] Failed with error 100032

Well, we know whoever programmed the software for this junk used Perforce. Does that explain a lot? I think mayhaps it does.

Regardless, I finally got the modem working again by eschewing the crappy piece of connection software that came with the modem, and instead using Apple's Networking utility in the System Preferences.

I went to System Preferences -> Network, then added a new interface. If you'd installed the drivers you'll see an options for Virgin Mobile. Select that, then set the account name and password to your account and pin number you signed up for the service with.

Next, click on the "Advanced" button, and and select "Novatel Wireless Inc." from the Vnedor list, and model of "CDMA". Click "OK", "Apply", and then, finally, "Connect". You should be able to log into the service without using the junk software that came with the modem.