The Lean Diaries: Pitches and Mini-Pitches

By Elisa Miller-Out

We spent our last Lab session pitching away. The first half was spent doing a pitch for one of the pivots that came out of our requirements gathering product idea. It's a tool that's designed to help manage the Lean process. (I know, I know...Our Lab is already getting pretty meta.) Then we did a series of mini-pitches for other ideas that we might want to pursue when we begin our next Lab cycle. We had a little extra time to discuss the mini-pitches and were able to give a lot of great feedback to everyone who pitched an idea. That's all I have to report for now. I'm eager to get further along with some of these ideas and dive into more experiments and testing. We're also planning to play with LeanCanvas some in our next session. It seems like a great tool.

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