Technology for Change: PhilanTech

Thirteen cents out of every dollar given to nonprofits – amounting to over $6 billion per year – is not spent on service delivery. This is money that instead is used towards grant administration. Grant funding is critical for nonprofit operations; however, the process could stand to be streamlined in terms of fiscal efficacy.

PhilanTrack, an online grants management system created by B Corp PhilanTech, helps social sector organizations better capitalize on their opportunities to generate an impact. This system aims to help grantmakers determine the most effective ways to make funding decisions, and to then appropriately evaluate the impact of their donations.

By centralizing and facilitating the processes involving grant proposals, reports, management, and resource allocation, PhilanTrack encourages organizations in the social sector to maximize their potential. Good information is available and essential; PhilanTech helps organizations find this information and put it to use.

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