Technology for Change: BBMG

BBMG is a market research and branding company with a new study out on socially and environmentally conscious “New Consumers”.

“Unleashed: How New Consumers Will Revolutionize Brands and Scale Sustainability” is an interactive report that looks at consumers who are, according to BBMG’s Raphael Bemporad, “purchasing with a purpose and are keenly interested in engaging and co-creating brands and social causes.”

In March 2010, BBMG started The Collective, the first private online community made to connect New Consumers with the sustainable brands, services, and causes they care about. The Collective regularly polls its 1,200+ members and gives them an opportunity to voice their opinions. In addition to 2,650 consumer conversations through The Collective, BBMG’s report is based on three years of research including two national polls of 70 million New Consumers, or 30% of the US adult population.

This report is an in-depth analysis of shifting attitudes and behaviors that allow “mission-driven brands (to) focus on taking sustainability to scale and the largest corporations (to) leverage their scale to advance sustainability.” The study shares five insights for understanding and engaging New Consumers. These insights take into consideration key influencers of New Consumers such as: budget restrictions, a Do-It-Yourself attitude, a focus on community, and use of social media.

The free report is available for download at

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