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9 Expert Tips on Higher Ed Crowdfunding

An increasing number of universities and colleges are using crowdfunding platforms to raise donations for everything from their annual fund to student entrepreneurs. However, there is little data, examples, or shared wisdom on how to implement a successful university crowdfunding platform. To address this challenge, we interviewed Freeman White, CEO of Launcht, a white-label crowdfunding platform provider that has supported 15 Higher Ed institutions.

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We <3 Women in Tech

Sb Women Of Tech 1

From left: Director of Operations Erica O'Brian, Web Programmer Gennie Harris, Product & Purpose Intern Kat Juraschek, Arduino Programmer Louisa Miller-Out, age 8, and CEO Elisa Miller-Out

We love Women in Tech! 

This photo was submitted...

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Lean Diaries: How to Run a Lean Startup Workshop

By Elisa Miller-Out

I recently had the opportunity to run a Lean Startup workshop for the Kessler Program at the Cornell School of Engineering. It was my first time running a workshop on Lean methods, so it was a bit of an experiment for me and I...

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Startup Reading List

By Elisa Miller-Out

New Year's Resolution: Read More Awesome Books that will Help Build and Grow Your Startup!

Here are some books I've read and enjoyed recently that would be useful for anyone with a startup idea or for those interested in...

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HR Tips for Tech Startups: Hiring Great Programmers

At Singlebrook, we’ve brought together a team of exceptionally great programmers. Tech talent is in increasingly high demand, so it’s no easy task to recruit, screen and finally hire employees who will meet the high technical standards our clients are accustomed too. Add to it finding the right cultural fit, which for us means someone who is deeply passionate about programming, as well as committed to our social and environmental mission of Technology for Change, and you’ll find that a well-honed strategy is needed to keep the qualified candidates coming.

Here we’ve compiled the best of our hiring tips into a blog article that we hope will be useful when contemplating how to handle the search for developers.

Recruitment (Part 1 of  3)

In an industry such as custom web and mobile application development, where highly-skilled technical workers are in high demand, it’s smart to approach the job ad and the careers page on your website as a marketing piece... 

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