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Tech for Change: Drupal for Job Seekers Workshop

One way that we live our mission of Tech for Change at Singlebrook is through company-sponsored volunteer time for employees to give back to the communities we serve. A recent T4C initiative was a free workshop called "Drupal for Job Seekers"...

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Tech for Change: Bella Minds

by Crystal Ramjattan

In the tech industry, it isn’t too surprising to walk into a room and be completely surrounded by men. After working in San Francisco this summer, heart of a booming tech hub, I can personally attest to the fact that, on a...

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Technology for Change: Habitat for Humanity Build Day

HabitatSome of us decided to take a break from building websites for a day and got together to build a home with Habitat for Humanity. One of the ways we live our mission of "Technology for Change" is through company-sponsored community volunteer...

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Technology for Change: Darell Hammond, KaBOOM!

Singlebrook talks with Darell Hammond, Founder of KaBOOM!, a national non-profit that partners communities with corporations to build playgrounds around the country. 

KaBOOM! is dedicated to saving play for America’s children and invigorating...

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Technology for Change: Heather Chirtea, Digital Wish

Heather Digitalwish PhotoSinglebrook talks with Heather Chirtea, founder of non-profit, Digital Wish about her mission to help bring and integrate technology into classrooms across the country.

Singlebrook: Could you tell us a little about how you got the idea for Digital...

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Technology for Change: Flockd

Singlebrook talks with Green Spaces’ Co-founder Marissa Feinberg about Flockd. In November, Feinberg aims to disrupt social hierarchies and scale the magic found in her Green Spaces coworking communities (and beyond) with Flockd, a collaboration and productivity tool.

Singlebrook: Please give a brief overview of what your organization does.

Marissa Feinberg 1   Credit Eddie ElmiMarissa Feinberg: The organization that we’re launching is Flockd, Inc. It was inspired by the need for such a collaboration and productivity tool in coworking spaces. My coworking space, Green Spaces, is a shared coworking space in New York City filled with environmental and social entrepreneurs. They’re all doing really great work to change the world! We encourage collaboration at Green Spaces, however, the majority of connections occur when there is quite a bit of facilitation on my part and that of our Community Manager.

We wanted to create a way for people to feel they can freely connect with each other without having a facilitator so more great serendipities can happen more often. For example, you’re new at the space and you walk into the room and open your laptop -- you don’t know anyone around you. You don’t know if they’re open to talking or if they’re really busy. You don’t know what they do. We wanted to create a tool that can be used by anyone, anywhere (in a networking environment, at a cafe, at a coworking space) to put out there and say, “I’m open to connection.”

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Technology for Change: Sseko Designs

Liz Bio1 CopySinglebrook talks with Liz Forkin Bohannon, Founder of Sseko Designs, about how her inspiring social venture brings economic and educational opportunities to women in Uganda while producing a line of colorful, strappy sandals (available online!)....

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