Singlebrook TechSpring: CoLab Coop News

Here's a blog article about the Singlebrook TechSpring program that was originally posted by CoLab Coop, one of TechSpring's amazing service partners!

CoLab News:

A Special Congratulations to TechSpring Winner Alissa Johnson!

Collaboration being the very heart and soul of our company, CoLab is proud to be participating in the innovative TechSpring program with the Unreasonable Institute and Singlebrook Technology.

We are thrilled for Institute Fellow Alissa Johnson and her organization CalSolAqua. We are also excited to be working as part of a tremendous team of creative technology and marketing companies to help CalSolAqua effect positive social and environmental change.

Alissa and her team have developed a clean and inexpensive solar water heating system capable of addressing the hot water needs for bathing and laundry; one of the highest energy needs facing global households. Retailing at only $150, the system reduces household energy costs plus provides health benefits to households currently relying on fossil fuel generation.

A big hug and shout out to Elisa Miller-Out at Singlebrook for spearheading the project!

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posted by: Ralph Cutler