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Ricardo Teran, Agora Partnerships
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Agora Partnerships is an organization that accelerates and supports impact entrepreneurship in Central America and Mexico. Their team came to us with an organized, enthusiastic and open-minded attitude, along with a killer project. They sought to redesign their public website with an inspirational touch, motivated by the fact that the awareness and funding of their entrepreneurs hinged on the new website’s success.

Hit The Ground Running

In terms of client preparedness, Agora blew our collective minds. They brought detailed documents of the current site structure and strategy (with many notes on how to improve things) and outlined a smart plan for their web future. Once we learned that they could provide high quality photography we tackled the wireframes and design with ease.

We embraced WordPress for the content management system, drawn to the user-friendliness of the interface (for our client) and the flexibility/simplicity of the engine (for our developers). We were happy to integrate a responsive layout and design, which makes the site scalable, from a 1200 pixel wide browser to a mobile device.

Agora IphoneThe result is fantastic. Since the initial launch we have aided Agora in implementing a Spanish version of the site, and through their CMS, they’ve updated donation widgets, great blog posts and an ever changing home page. We will continue to work closely with their team in the next few months and are excited as always to empower a client with a useful and successful site.

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