Local Radio

Local Rad.io is now available in the App Store

As music lovers and makers we set out to create something that we would enjoy using on a daily basis. 

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Once you pull it up on your iPad, iPhone, or Android smartphone (www.localrad.io) our web app will search for bands in your area. Press play and that's it. Not happy with the local sounds? Press the skip button to play the next song. That's it! The brand we developed is a throwback to physical portable radios and the logo mark is a combination location "pin" and broadcast signal (since the station and music you hear is based on your area).

Singlebrook created Local Radio through Singlebrook Lab, our product incubator program.

Mobile First

Local IphoneRapid development of Local Radio was made possible by a ruby on rails back-end and "mobile first" design and development strategy. Our designers and developers were able to make a quick prototype and refine the user experience as a result of our Agile project process. After some initial research about where bands/musicians host their content online we decided to use Soundcloud and their API to provide the music.

First Comes Love

We can't stop using Local Radio, and this is only the beginning. With a fun, feature-rich roadmap our rapidly-evolving product is destined to stay bookmarked well into the future.

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