Cornell Faculty Innovation in Teaching

With projects, colleges, faculty and students spanning the globe, Cornell University requires exceptional quality standards to preserve the larger technology strategy of the university as a whole. As web applications are hosted by Cornell Information Technology (CIT) and often maintained by in-house personnel, clear documentation and architecture are of critical importance for even minor applications. Singlebrook Technology works well adapting to this environment and our signature scripts, designed with the best practices in mind, help facilitate this flexibility.

  • Cutting-Edge Web Development - To say innovation is important at Cornell is an understatement. That's why, when Cornell's Faculty Innovation in Teaching (FIT) program needed a mapping application, Singlebrook developed a fully extensible custom framework for integrating the Google Map API with a hierarchical social network system.

    The mapping system we developed was originally used in a course where students and staff could collaborate while documenting environmental conditions in the area waterways. Since this initial usage, the system has been used for wonderfully diverse applications such as tracking and mapping high school recollections, farm research, tracking Native American migrations, and even cataloguing posters from the early hip-hop movement in NYC.