Implementing a Robust CMS the Rails Way

"Working with Singlebrook has been a joy from beginning to end. Their developers were great at communicating complex issues in "lingo-free" ways, and helped ensure we understood the technological and time implications of every important decision we made. They stuck to their estimated budget and alerted us in plenty of time if we began to err from it. We found them to be incredibly flexible, responsive, considerate and capable. I'd highly recommend Singlebrook."


Social Venture Network (SVN) approached us with fresh designs in hand from BBMG, but the need for mobile-friendly, responsive development and a robust content management system to bring the new designs to life. We were thrilled with the opportunity to work with SVN, whose long history of facilitating entrepreneurs to build responsible and sustainable enterprises closely aligns with our mission and vision.

We chose Refinery for the CMS, an awesome rails-based platform that is open source, flexible, user-friendly and highly customizable. Refinery provided the essential tools that allowed SVN to quickly populate the new site with content, while our design implementation ensured that users across devices and platforms would get an optimized version of the beautiful new interface.

Development of the new site was facilitated by our agile communications process, which allowed us to make sure SVN's priorities were continuously addressed in a budget conscious manner. 

Response to the new site has been overwhelmingly positive, and helped reinforce SVNs position as an industry leader. We are proud to be a membership organization of this truly visionary network!

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