Which open source projects do we contribute to?

Using open-source software is one thing, but we here at Singlebrook make a point of giving back to the projects we rely on so heavily. This usually means fixing bugs we find in the software, adding new features, or a patch to improve performance.

The following are a list of projects that include code contributions from our staff:

Ruby on Rails - the mother of all Ruby web frameworks and a backbone of our develoment at Singlebrook.

Capybara-Envjs - a headless browser driver used in automated tested of web applications.

Pivotal-Tracker gem - a Ruby library for interfacing with the API of Pivotal Tracker.

MediaWiki-Gateway gem - a Ruby library for communicating with MediaWiki's API.

AssetHat - a better asset packaging library for Ruby on Rails.

XPath gem - XPath expression library for Ruby

sanitycheck for ColdFusion - a tool for documenting and checking dependencies in ColdFusion projects.

You may also want to check out our company GitHub account page.