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Maintaining your Sanity while Theming in Drupal

Over the past several months I've spent working on Drupal projects, I've learned that theming these sites can easily become a labyrinth of function overrides, template files, stylesheets, javascripts, images—everything but the kitchen sink. So at Singlebrook, we've come up with a simple way to organize our theming files, and created a base "template" folder for new themes, packaging up the best of SASS, Modernizr, LiveReload, and sane file organization.

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Default Menu Blocks

by Jeff Amaral

The Challenge:

Display the second level menu items of the currently active page, fully expanded, in the left sidebar of every page but the node edit form. And have this configuration saved in code so that every member of your...

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Minimalist Drupal Development

by Aaron Froehlich

Drupal has emerged in recent years as an extremely flexible and powerful resource for creating web applications. It's done that by creating an infrastructure that simplifies the process of building new functionality and an...

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Drupal Sub-themes using SASS

by Alexandra Atzl

Being relatively new to Drupal, I was overwhelmed recently by the task of implementing a base theme and three sub-themes for a customized system of Drupal sites we were developing at Singlebrook. I needed a clear, simple way to...

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