April 2012

Technology for Change: Keas

With summer just around the corner, many people are thinking about starting (or sticking with) a healthy eating and fitness regimen. At this year’s SXSWi, a panel called “Can Gaming Make the World Better?” introduced us to Keas, an online social gaming platform that encourages healthy diet, exercise and stress management. Keas CTO and Co-founder, Adam Bosworth was there to talk about how his startup uses social gaming to help people live healthier lifestyles.

Keas sells employers on the benefits of “wellness as a business strategy”. (They offer a free e-book download on this subject on their website.) The idea is that happier, healthier and more engaged employees are more productive. Healthy lifestyles also lead to lower healthcare costs, which helps the company’s bottom line.

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Celebrating Earth Day 2012

Earth Day 2012 Image Hilary Lambert The Earth Day 2012 celebration at the famous Ithaca Farmers’ Market is organized by Sustainable Tompkins. Singlebrook purchased carbon emissions offset credits through the Finger Lakes Climate Fund, a program run by Sustainable Tompkins. The “Carbon Offset Calculator” widget allowed us to determine the carbon cost for our entire staff to commute to our Ithaca office during the month of April, as well as several business flights this month. The purchased credits will be used to make energy efficiency improvements to homes throughout the region. Local Technology for Change (T4C) in action!

Photo credit: Hilary Lambert

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Ph.D. Candidate Interviewing Mobile Application Designers & Developers

Jim Thatcher, Ph.D. Candidate at Clark University (Geography) is seeking mobile application designers and developers to be interviewed for his thesis.

My research goal is to open the “black box” of code construction by talking directly to designers and developers of mobile applications. By doing so, this research links what end-users can know with the decisions that went into the application’s development. The point is not to expose “evil” or “bad” intentions, as there are none, rather it is to help both developers and end-users understand the effects of their decisions, to help technology build a better world through conscious consideration.

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Call2Action's Spark Engine Launch

Here's some exciting news from our client, Call2Action

C2 A

It looks like this is going to be a busy and exciting spring with the economy on the rise and the launch of our new self-service Spark Engine platform. Now is the time to expand and engage your networks so that they might bear fruit in the summer.

Enter Our Competition to Win a Free Spark

Be one of five lucky organizations to win a 3-month Spark and a consulting session with one of the following celebrity consultants. You'll learn the secrets of great online video campaigns to Spark up your movement. See competition details here. Deadline for submissions is this Friday, April 13th -maybe it will be your lucky day.

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