December 2011

Building RailsBridges to New Communities

I walked up to the door, not quite knowing what to expect. I had rushed over there from my co-working space to participate in the RailsBridge Friday night install-fest. I buzzed and was let in.

RailsBridge started a few years ago in the wake of a...

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Technology for Change: Preserve Gimme 5

Preserve Gimme 5 Preserve Gimme 5 is a program that turns disposable items that commonly end up in a landfill into recycled plastic. The program uses a free iPhone app--Preserve Gimme 5, that allows users to locate the nearest #5 plastic drop off center where they can recycle Brita water filters, yogurt cups and other containers, as well as Preserve toothbrushes and disposable razors.

Preserve is the manufacturer of high-quality, super eco-friendly home products, including toothbrushes, razors, kitchen items and tableware. Preserve products carry catchy tag lines like “Powered by leftovers” and “Powered by yogurt cups” (through a partnership with Stonyfield Farm yogurt). Their products are all made in the USA, and Preserve is a B Corp, so you know they pass high standards to certify their sustainability efforts.

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NY Law Creates New Kind of Corporation

B Lab Red Re-posted from B Lab's email sent 12/13/11. Singlebrook is happy to provide a comment on this exciting new law! 

Congratulations to all. An early holiday present from the State of New York and another big milestone for our community. Happy holidays everyone!

For Immediate Release:

December 13, 2011

CONTACT: Erik Trojian or Andrew Greenblatt at B Lab - (212) 608-4150;;

NY Law Creates New Kind of Corporation, Spurs Investment to Create High Quality Jobs and Uses Business to Solve Social Problems; State Legislators from Wall Street Sponsored the Bill

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Video Recap of Our B Corp Event

This past June we co-hosted a public event with our friends and fellow B Corp, Comet Skateboards and members of the B Lab staff. Photos from the event are available on Facebook. It was a gathering to learn about the B Corporation movement. 


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Envisioning Every Business Being a Social Business

Another great Axiom News article on Singlebrook co-founder & CEO, Elisa Miller-Out (a photo of Elisa & team as shown on the Axiom home page is also included here). Article originally posted here.

Envisioning Every Business Being a Social Business

It's a hopeful time as social business movement builds momentum, says CEO

Axiom News, Tuesday, November 29, 2011.

by Jennifer Neutel

Elisa Horizontal Blog

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