October 2011

Technology for Change: Trash Tycoon

Trash Tycoon Disrupt 0Singlebrook talks with Raviv Turner, Co-founder and CEO of Guerrillapps, the game developers behind the popular new Facebook game, Trash Tycoon. Through partnerships with big players in the green industry--TerraCycle, Carbonfund.org and Treehugger,Trash Tycoon combines great game mechanics with every day activities like sorting, recycling and upcycling trash. A month after its launch, Trash Tycoon is already seeing real world change through players’ increased involvement with TerraCycle and donations to Carbonfund.org. Trash Tycoon brings a breath of (ironically) fresh air to the world of gamification 1.0 with Turner’s approach: “let the fun drive.”

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Technology for Change: Frogtek

Www.Frogtek Frogtek is a social venture that helps micro-entrepreneurs in emerging markets improve their profits via business software that runs on mobile phones. Frogtek works with smartphones because cellular technology is already much more ubiquitous than PCs and because smartphones in particular have become much more powerful and easier to use in recent years.

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