July 2011

Technology for Change: Swidjit

Swidjit is an Ithaca-based social economy / community networking website. It aims to become a hub of all the economic, social, and intellectual activity in this area, assembling together goods, services, opinions, people, opportunities,...

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Singlebrook TechSpring Winner To Be Announced 7/25!

We would like to welcome CoLab Coop to our awesome lineup of Singlebrook TechSpring Service Partners! Read more about CoLab Coop and all of our Service Partners and their generous contributions below.

The Singlebrook TechSpring winner will be...

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Technology for Change: Rentalic

Rentalic is a website that fosters person-to-person sharing of items and services online. Remember that extra bicycle that is gathering dust in your garage? Now you can make money, and keep your unused items out of the landfill, by renting to...

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